School of Translation and Interpreting Introduction

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School of Translationand Interpreting (STI) of Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) is the first of its kind in the world that uses Chinese as its main medium of instruction for multilingual translation and interpretation suited to both international and Chinese students. STI is composed of Interpretation Department, Translation Department, Centre for MTI Education and Cooperation, Centre for Translation and Cross-cultural Studies and Centre for Field Learning and Job Opportunities At present, it has a faculty of 15 regular  members, 4 chair professors, 6 visiting professors and 20 part-time supervisors, offering BA and MA degrees in translation and interpretation. As of now, it has an enrollment of 250 registered students with English and French as their foreign language.
Pursuing "Challenge, Service and Communication" as its goal, STI strives to facilitate the exchange and spread of cultures through language services. As China’s first multilingual translation and interpretation program, STI is the only one in the country that offers BA degree to students of French, and that provides study-abroad program for them when on campus.
STI aims to turn out high-level, qualified talents that are characterized by an innovative and professionalized morale, while its teaching focuses on the training of students' thinking patterns and interpreting/translating strategies. With the integration of learning, research and practice as its teaching principle, STI has secured a number of agreements with different companies, businesses and institutions for the purpose of establishing field learning centers, thus it makes opportunities easily available to students to apply what they learn in the classrooms to the real world demands, and prepares them professionally as qualified interpreters and translators.


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