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Dean: Professor Liu Heping

Professor Liu Heping from Beijing languages Institute in 1982, and in 1990 graduated from the Paris School of translation, translation studies and master's and doctoral degrees, and Knight of the Palm in 2001, awarded by the French Ministry of education education.

Professor Liu Heping China translation qualifications (level) examinations Committee, Deputy Director of the China translation Association, China Association of translation theory and translation teaching Committee Deputy Director, external communications, Member of the Board of the Chinese translation of the Editorial Board, Beijing translation Association Executive Director.

Monograph the interpretation skills-thinking science teaching method of reasoning and interpretation, such as the theories of interpretation and teaching; translations of the France interpretive theory of translation of the centuries of the street garden, the fall of Beijing to the 60 writers and their mothers;

Research interests: translation practice, translation, translation theory and intercultural research.

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General party branch Secretary: Professor Zhang Baojun

Professor Zhang Baojun was appointed to be Deputy Director of the Beijing Foreign Languages Institute and Director, Office of international exchange, 2006-2011 and was seconded to the Ministry of education to the Chinese Consulate General in Toronto to serve as first Secretary Consul. In January 2012, as senior party branch Secretary and Vice Dean of the school of translation.

Professor Zhang Baojun's major papers have further understanding of the teaching of the language test of reaction and the study of language acquisition strategies and methods under the postmodern context, sinology, the re-understanding of translation equivalence and translation, the theory of deconstruction theory influence on feminist theory and the alienation in translation under the background of globalization. Main translations are: the masters of defence Darrow, the flight of the Stone Angel ', ' there is a jungle, and the happy heart, all things are possible, and the fact and legend, and the United States such as cowboy. The defending masters Darrow was the fifth national award for outstanding foreign literature Book Award. 1996 the title of outstanding young teachers in colleges and universities in Beijing.


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